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How can ivory from elephants that were left lifeless and powerless bring power? #IvoryFree #ไม่เอางาไม่ฆ่าช้าง
Ivory is beautiful only on elephants #IvoryFree #ไม่เอางาไม่ฆ่าช้าง
How can ivory bring good fortune when it comes from killing elephants? #IvoryFree #ไม่เอางาไม่ฆ่าช้าง

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Thank you for your #IvoryFree pledge.
Together we can put an end to the killing of elephants and demand for ivory.

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#IVORYFREE (\ˈivȯry frəə\) noun: A pledge to never buy, use and give as gifts products made from ivory. And, an acknowledgement that ivory belongs only to elephants.

Thank you for supporting our mission to end the illegal wildlife trade.
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Tony Jaa – Ivory Free Thailand
Thailand’s Business Leaders Pledge
The War Elephants Defence
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